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Requirements for manufacturing galvanized structures

Requirements for manufacturing galvanized structures

What you should know before starting to manufacture galvanized structures


The requirements for manufacturing galvanized structures should be considered as early as the planning phase, as we can only carry out hot-dip galvanizing in adequate quality if this was the case. During planning the construction design, size, shape, etc. of the structure should be taken into account.


Size, weight

Galvanizing is a dipping process, so industrial galvanizing is only possible on structures we can dip into the technological baths. The effective size of our galvanizing bath is 12 m x 1,1 m x 2,0 m, and the lifting capacity of our cranes is 5 tons. If you need to galvanize bigger structures, we may be able to do it, but verbal consultation is necessary in this case.


Ordering raw materials

The zinc coating is created by a thermodiffusion process, and it is greatly affected by some of the elements found in steel (primarily Si and P, but by other alloying elements too). Elements acting as catalysts speed up the reaction, this adversely affects the properties of the created coating. Si content is the most important (the so called Sandelin-curve shows the thickness differences of the coating as a function of Si-content), and it should be ensured that the steel to be galvanized has a Si content of < 0,03% or 0,12% < Si < 0,25%.


Part manufacturing, welding

To ensure that the openings are the most suitable for the technical requirements of the galvanizing process, these should be created during the manufacturing of the parts. This ensures that the openings are exactly on the corners of the structure, so the zinc can easily flow through the structure.

During galvanization the tensions in the structure are somewhat lowered, this can cause buckling in more complex, asymmetrical structures. So it's essential to choose a welding order which creates the least amount of tension in the structure during the manufacturing.

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