Quality policy

We define quality as the value, which our customers gain using our products.

We believe, we can only guarantee reliable quality for our clients if all workflow in the company is carried out with quality in mind, despite of specialty or position. This means, continuous improvement of quality is essential, and improvement is natural demand for our employees. This continues improvement of our work ethic, our procedures an equipment helps to achieve the internationally acknowledged quality of our products.

 Our commitment toour customers and qality, our main objectives are summarized in our qality policy:

In order to achieve our objectives we operate within a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008

Certifying Body: Det Norske Veritas



Regarding to our welding and manufacturing activity we are certified by SLV Hannover GmbH, according to the following prescriptions:


 EN 1090-1:2009 + A1:2011 Execution of Steel Structures





 DIN 1090-2:2008 + A1:2011 Manufacturer's Qualification for Welding





Our galvanizing plant is qualified according to DASt Richtlinie 022 Requirements to avoid Liquid Metal Associated Cracks

Certifying Body: Ifo Institute für Oberfläcentechnik GmbH 



TPV documentation


 Amongst our products the following have different kind of certificates, qualifications, Licences:

  • K12, KU15,2, KU18 and KU24 type steel frames are signed with CE marking
  • Our road- and bridge guidrail systems have  CE certificates acc. to EN 1317-1/5 standard, which means they can be freely marketed and used in the EU.
    Certification institute: TZÚS Praha (Accr: 473/2004; Testing Labour.: 1018.8)
  • The transition elements of our road- and bridge guiderail system has ÉME licence.
    Certification institute: Hungarian Road NZRT. (ALU: 23/2011)
  • Our DAKusztik noise reducing system is marketed with CE marking.
    Certification Institute: where the ITT tests were made: ÉMI Kft.

The Performance declaration of our CE marked products is fully complies to 305/2011/EU regulation. (CPR)


  • jhegedusatdak [dot] hu (József Hegedűs)
    QA Lead 
    Phone: 25/511-634
    Fax.: 25/285-800
    E-mail: jhegedusatdak [dot] hu 


  • Sándor Galina 
    quality policy systems operator 
    Phone: 25/511-607
    Fax.: 25/285-800
    E-mail: minosegatdak [dot] hu