Manufacturing is always - except for our standard steel structures - carried out based on the product plans of the client. We have no design capacity. The regulations of the MSZ EN ISO 13920 standard shall apply to the dimensional accuracy requirements of the manufactured products. For an about 100 ton project the production period is 4-5 week, beginning from the time of receiving the documentation (product plans, inventory, material lists).

Manufacturing is carried out in several halls simultaneously. The maximum movable weight is 2 x 5,0 tons in our roofed manufacturing halls. 

With our modern machines our sole aim is to manufacture size-exact structures in the shortest time possible. Our machine park and qualified specialist enable us to manufacture any steel structure for an optimal price.

Welded connections are produced with the CORGON gas method, our welders are qualified to the MSZ EN 287-1 standard. These semi-finished parts are transported to our galvanizing plant, where the zinc coating is applied according to the MSZ EN ISO 1461:2000 standard, in a thickness specified by the MSZ EN 1461 standard. For material processing and manufacturing the following main machines and equipment are available:

Surface preparation:

  • Blast-cleaning scale removing machine, with a 500 x 1500 mm blasting cross section.

Steel section and steel profile processing:

  • For cutting steel profiles and steel sections a NC controlled band saw, suitable for -45° - +45° bevel cut. At 90° the maximum workable size is 500 x 335 mm.
  • For the complete processing of hot-rolled structural steel a NC controlled angle steel combined (cutting-punching) machine. The biggest diameter that can be punched is 36 mm, the biggest machinable section size is L200 x 200 x 20mm.
  • For the complete processing of hot-rolled profile steel a CNC controlled drilling-sawing machine. Triaxial drilling, 3 drill-spindles for every axel, the maximum drillable diameter is 40 mm. Angle adjustable 1 250 mm diameter saw disk, max workable section size is HEB 1000.

Steel plate processing

  • Thermal cutting of plates with CNC controlled flame-cutting equipment with two flame cutting heads. Workbench size of 2500 x 9000 mm, maximum plate thickness 3-300 mm.
  • "Cold" cutting of plates by NC or CNC controlled hydraulic plate shears. Up to 8 mm plate thickness the maximal workable length is 6000 mm, up to 20 mm the length is 3000 mm.
  • For complete steel plate processing a CNC controlled plasma cutter, fushing burner, drilling-, punching equipment. The size of the maximum workable metal plate is 1500 x 6000 mm. The maximum cutting thickness of the plasma cutter is 6-20 mm, the fushing burner can cut a steel plate of 6-60 mm thickness.
  • CNC controlled hydraulic edge bending machine. Total bending strength of 400 tons, the maximum bendable length is 6000 mm.
  • CNC controlled hydraulic punching machine, punching of maximum 25 x 500 x 1000 mm plate parts.

Other equipment:

  • Hydraulic and eccenter presses, up to 25-250 tons.
  • Radial drilling machines.

Welding machines, equipment:

  • Various handheld welding machines
  • Two welding head, portal system welding equipment, with automatic weld following, for longitudinal corner and butt welds, for a maximum length of 16 m.

Welding robots with two working areas, with two 4500 x 1500 mm, and a 1700 x 1100 and a 2900 x 1100 mm effective area.